Know the Considerations need to be take care of while Conducting NSF to PST Migration

Communication has always played the vital role in running different operations of the business. These days, all sorts of communication are done through emails, and most of the companies or organizations are spending a good amount on the software that can be beneficial for the business and provide the trouble-free function of incoming and outgoing mails. In fact, the two major email applications that are preferred by all the users are Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes.

Outlook as an email client is highly preferred among many users. Be it single individual or even the business groups, MS Outlook has got a supreme position in comparison to Lotus Notes and other platforms. Many of you must be wondering what has made MS Outlook the more preferred application right all across the world.

Well answer to such questions is clearly based upon the analysis and comparison of Outlook with other email platforms such as Lotus Notes. It has been observed that MS Outlook has a lot to offer that Lotus Notes. Different benefits of Outlook that overshadow Lotus Notes effectiveness can be mentioned as follows:

  • Although, Lotus has got a high security level beyond any comparisons but still the good aspect about MS Outlook is that it manages to serve up a decent level of security for your data preserved on the client mailbox.
  • MS Outlook PST Tool is very conveniently available as the part of the MS Office suite package which further makes the maintenance cost and at the same time purchase cost incredibly reasonable in comparison to that of Lotus Domino client.
  • Flexibility is yet another inescapable aspect that simultaneously counts the user friendly and well organized appearance of Microsoft Outlook client> thus it gives a decent good hard competition to the look of Lotus client, which is technically complicated.

Besides this, the Outlook helps in arranging and managing flow of work over emails for all sorts of internal communication of a company as well as structured communication with external users. It is because of such benefits, many organizations are looking forward to migrate from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook email platform.

But, in between all these, careful and planned approaches need to be followed while converting NSF files to PST. Proper assessment, extensive research and complete know-how of transferring NSF Emails to Outlook makes easy for online users to execute their conversion process in a coveted manner. Thus, some of the important aspects that you as a user should keep in mind while migrating Lotus Notes files to Outlook are:

  1. Keep the backup copy of the Email data: While you conduct the NSF to PST conversion activity, it is important for you to properly create and save the entire back up of the email files that you are planning to migrate to Outlook. Taking backup is important because it helps in dealing with any malfunctioning during the transformation procedure. It is also vital because in some situation the migration process stops or gets corrupted due to various reasons. By having a proper backup, it gets easy to restore file and carry the conversion process of NSF files to PST with a fresh start.
  2. Assemble a new Email platform before starting the migration process: If we talk in context of MS Outlook then it is very much advisable to first install this Email Clint (Outlook), and then move ahead with the migration of NSF to PST Files. This simple consideration help user in checking and scrutinizing all the NSF data that is transferred to PST format.
  3. Never Rely Upon Migration Wizard By Microsoft:in most of the occasions, when it comes to convert NSF to PST, users take help of free Migration Wizard offered by Microsoft. But, the point that many users forget is that it is primarily capable of converting only 1GB data from NSF to PST. Certainly, opting migration wizard might not be a good idea as it does not suit Notes to Outlook migration for an organization that has got many employees.

Thus with so many technicalities involved in performing NSF to PST migration, it is highly advisable to take help of a third party NSF to PST migration software such as Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook. The software has got the ability to convert almost entire Lotus Notes Domino Server user mailboxes to PST  Repair files, which further can be accessed via Exchange Server and MS Outlook. Moreover, the utility facilitates its user with two conversion modes: Standard and Advanced mode. Apart from this, the software even allows user to change Outlook’s folder name corresponding to Lotus Notes mailbox folder. In addition, you can also very well eliminate the duplicity of files using this NSF to PST converter. The good aspect the software is its availability in free trial version, and so as a user you can easily evaluate its performance and conduct the required Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion without any hassle.