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Convert NSF to PST tool easily convert your nsf file to pst file.

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Kernel Convert NSF to PST

Version 17.0


Kernel for NSF to PST provides excellent migratory service from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. It migrates both client-side and server-side data


Needs to convert NSF to PST arises, due to

  1. Difficulty in managing emails in Lotus Notes.
  2. Insufficient working knowledge of Lotus Notes.
  3. MS Outlook has the provision to facilitate offline accessibility of emails, which is difficult in Lotus Notes platform.
  4. MS Outlook is easy to operate and manage





Note : Lotus Notes and MS Outlook should be installed on the host computer where you are performing the NSF to PST conversion.


Kernel NSF to PST is a software that converts NSF files to PST file format for Lotus Notes users. The software allows easy migration from Lotus Notes Domino server to MS Exchange Server with a few easy-to-follow steps. The software converts Lotus notes mailbox items such as email text, images, attachments, contacts, folders, subfolders and groups to PST form. It also maintains properties of all email items. Moreover, the software can easily export specific Lotus Notes emails or items by utilizing its intelligent email filters. This software is laced with advance techniques to convert NSF to PST file and transfers all mailbox components to the Microsoft Outlook.


Kernel for NSF to PST software successfully converts emails from NSF files of Lotus Notes to PST files of MS Outlook. The converted emails of NSF are easily viewable with MS Outlook email client as emails, contacts, journals, calendar, appointments, tasks, images, attachments, folders, sub-folders are easy to convert. To convert NSF to PST, Kernel Lotus Notes to Outlook software recreates the folder structure of NSF file in PST file and transfers every item of the file. In addition, it allows user to include and exclude item types and to exclude folders during the migration.



Kernel Convert NSF to PST is a professional software application to convert Lotus notes database files to PST files for easy access with MS Outlook. It supports the latest MS Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 editions. All versions of Exchange and Notes are also supported. One of the most advanced feature of the software is that it lets you convert Domino Server Mailboxes which can be directly saved in Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox profile. Converted files can be previewed first before saving them. To export multiple NSF files, a CSV file can be used (batch migration).


How Conversion of Domino server Mailboxes becomes easy with Kernel NSF to PST?

Note : Domino Server should be in working condition to perform conversion of Domino mailboxes.


Kernel for NSF to PST has many exceptional features which makes it one of the easiest tools to migrate from Notes to Outlook Conversion. Whatever be the reason behind email migration, this software is the preferred choice for complete migration and easy restoration of data in a new emailing environment. To upgrade the migration experience, the software is outfitted with logical email filters that empower you to export specific email items that matches with the pre-defined conditions like date range, item type, etc. Advanced conversion mode enables you to perform conversion of multiple Notes files to Outlook with help of CSV file. CSV file has file path, saving type and saving location.


Note: Domino Server files cannot be added in CSV file format.



  1. Recreates NSF folder structure in PST file

  2. Convert emails, journals, calendars, appointments, contacts, attachments, folders and sub folders

  3. Converts multiple NSF file(s) at a time

  4. Converts Domino Server Mailboxes
  5. Avails PST split option to manage heavy NSF files
  6. Saves previewed e-mails, calendars, journals in RTF or Text format according to user's choice.
  7. Offers options to select specific item types for migration.
  8. Two saving options: Save in PST or Save in Microsoft Exchange Server
  9. Supports Lotus Notes 9.0.1/9.0/8/7/6 for conversion
  10. Supports MS Outlook 97 and above upto 2013 (32 & 64 both version), 2016
  11. Supports every version of Lotus Domino server
  12. Easy to use, 100% free from viruses
  13. Provides step by step guidance
  14. Added with new GUI and easy navigation features
  15. Two effective conversion modes: Standard and Advanced mode
  16. Allows saving the file in HTML, TEXT, RTF low quality and RTF best quality formats
  17. Facilitate user to change Outlook's folder name corresponding to Lotus Notes mailbox folder
  18. Provides selective file conversion with the help of given options including specific date range only
  19. Allows user to exclude selected folders from Lotus Notes to Outlook to get rid of unwanted folders

Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook supports Lotus Notes version 9.0.1/9.0/8/7/6, all versions of MS Outlook including MS Outlook 2013, 2016 Domino Server 8.5/8.0/7.0/6.5/6.0. It also supports Windows 10, 8.1/8